Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hannah Baker commits suicide. She overdoses on a pills. She sends out a set of tapes to thirteen people saying how they could of stopped her. Clay Jensen goes around town listening to the tapes to find out that he could have stopped her. How will clay react to the tapes? Read thirteen reasons why to find out. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Think of a world where no matter how pretty you are from the age of twelve to sixteen you are considered ugly. The reason is a radical plastic surgery you get when you turn 16. Then finally you can be considered pretty. Tally Youngblood  is sick of waiting to turn pretty. When a friend she meets runs off Tally is stopped by Special Circumstances. They say if she does not tell them where the Smoke is they will keep her from becoming pretty. What is the smoke? Will Tally betray her friend? REad uglies by Scott Westerfeld to find out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fahrenheit 451

For book readers fahrenheit 451 is a very bad thing. That temperature is the heat at which book paper burns. This story is in a distant history in which books are illegal. There are "firemen" who burn the books for a living. But don't expect the firemen to do all the work they have mechanical hounds that sniff out the area. In this story a fireman, Guy Montag, secretly owns books. He reads them in private so even his wife doesn't know. One night he sees a hound sniffing around his house. The next day he sees a "firetruck" pulls up. Can Guy escape the law, or will he die for his books? Read Fahrenheit 451 to find out


Truesight by David Stalher Jr. is about a boy named 
Jacob. You really do not get a description of Jacob due to the fact that everyone in Harmony, on the planet Nova Campi another planet populated by humans,  is blind. The way they get around the city is with a sounder, a sounder is a badge that gives off a unique pitch to identify people and places. One night he decides to sneak out to listen to the Seers, or people who can see. Something happens that causes him to run back to his home. That night Jacob has a horrible headache. This headache is what gets the whole story started.  Over time jacob is slowly becoming able too see. In his community seeing is the worst crime you could do. Can Jacob keep his sight, or will he end up in major trouble? Read Truesight by David Stalher Jr. to find out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Son of the mob

This is the story of Vince Luca. You would think he is an everyday high schooler but no. This is because his dad is in the "vending machine" buisness. Vince tries to act normal and he is pretty good at it. That is until his first date he goes on his date and when they go to the beach Vince finds a half dead man in the back of his car. That quite obviously scares his girlfriend. He then goes back to try to live a normal life until he gets invited to a college party. At this college party he meets the girl who is perfect but off limits. Her name is Angela and she is the daughter of the man who wants his father in jail. This leads to many problems once they start dating. Read Son of the mob to find out how this Romeo and Juliet romance ends.


This is the story of Jonas and Chip, two best friends. One day they both receive mysterious letters saying "Beware they are coming for you."They are soon then launched into a FBI case that was never solved how 36 babies just appeared in a plane at an airport. They start to contact the other kids from a list of adopted kids that they saw. They meet up with one of the witnesses of the plane to only be attacked by men in black, pardon the pun. Weeks later Jonah and Chip have to go to a adoption seminar but they know somethings fishy about the deal. They divide the children into two groups. They notice that there are 36 kids total in the group. Are these the 36 kids from the plane? What makes them so important? Read found to find out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is the story of a "fallen angel" who wants to take a vacation from his job. Well, if you consider yelling at people for what they feel guilty for a job. So he just picks a random high-schooler to take over, and as quick as you could snap your fingers he was in a human body. He takes over the body of Shawn, a rebellious teenager with no future. He walks home marveling in the complexity of the human body. When he gets home everything is different. He stops treating his brother like crap. He stops flunking classes but as soon as thing start going right things everything goes wrong. He does this to change peoples lives for the better. Will he be able to change the lives of  the people he has come to meet for the better? Read Reposessed to find up.

WARNING: This book is only at public library

Friday, September 5, 2008

Learning to feel safe

There are many books that involve rape but most too mature for young readers. I thought that Safe by Susan Shaw effectively describes the hurt, pain, and withdrawl that a raped thirteen year old might go through.
The author starts the story with the main character , Tracy, walking home from school. As she walk home she is assaulted and raped and dumped by a lake almost dead. This sends her into major withdrawl to the point where she can't feel safe anywhere without her father. Every time she tries to go outside she gets scared that she will be attacked again. The purpose of writing this book is to show that rape effects everyone not just the victim.
People might consider this book edgy because of the rape. Most books do not ever mention that subject. I think they do not have rape in many books is that it would have to make books  more mature so less books could be read by the younger population. So overall that is why I think that this book would be considered edgy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Siren Song

I read the Siren Song by Anne Ursu recently. This is the sequel to The Shadow Thieves.  In the beginning of the story Zee and Charlotte  are grounded big time. At school she notices that Zee is always staring at Maddy, Charlotte's best friend. She asks Zee if he likes Maddy  and he answers yes. The next day Charlotte Finds out that Zee is now going out with Maddy. Charlotte gets home from that stressful day thinking nothing could go worse. She soon finds out that her parents are taking her on a historical cruise. Sounds like loads of fun, right. So some certain events, like at midnight a giant sea monster coming to eat your ship, lead to her having to get off the cruise to save the world, again.  She is trying to find Poseidon, the self-centered god of the sea. With Jason, a friend she met on the boat who knows about where Poseidon is, they venture to Poseidon's yacht. They get to the boat but run into many problems along the way.    Will Charlotte be able to save the world on her own? Read the Siren Song to find out.