Friday, September 5, 2008

Learning to feel safe

There are many books that involve rape but most too mature for young readers. I thought that Safe by Susan Shaw effectively describes the hurt, pain, and withdrawl that a raped thirteen year old might go through.
The author starts the story with the main character , Tracy, walking home from school. As she walk home she is assaulted and raped and dumped by a lake almost dead. This sends her into major withdrawl to the point where she can't feel safe anywhere without her father. Every time she tries to go outside she gets scared that she will be attacked again. The purpose of writing this book is to show that rape effects everyone not just the victim.
People might consider this book edgy because of the rape. Most books do not ever mention that subject. I think they do not have rape in many books is that it would have to make books  more mature so less books could be read by the younger population. So overall that is why I think that this book would be considered edgy.

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